Why Frozen?

Home cooks tend to reach for fresh meats and poultry. But when seafood is on the menu, go for the frozen fish.

What is Flash-Frozen Fish?

Our processing unit in Chennai Flash-Freeze the produce at the ports soon after being caught, thanks to modern technology and blast freezing processes. Farm-raised fish are often frozen on the spot as well. This ensures that your fish is preserved at peak freshness. 

Flash-frozen fish ensures that all of its nutritional value, flavor and texture are sealed in, versus a fresh piece that has been sitting out exposed for an unknown amount of time,exposed to open air,wherein te decay process starts off and the fish is exposed to various bacteria. Freezing fish can also extend the season of the fish, so when delicious summer fish like mackerel are caught, they can be sold and enjoyed into the winter.

Where You Live Matters

While you can purchase fresh or frozen fish just about anywhere, think about your location before you buy. Does it make sense to pick up fresh fish in Delhi since it's thousands of kilometers away from a water source? The fresh fish carries a risk you might not want to take, especially with something as delicious as Grilled Lobster on the line.

Go for flash-frozen instead. The fresh fish may have been frozen and re-thawed or even stored improperly, and chances of that are much greater when you live in a land-locked area like Delhi/NCR. Frozen fish will likely be less expensive too, particularly when purchasing a regional variety out of the region.

Thaw It Out

It couldn’t be easier to thaw frozen fish,in fact the easiest and most recommended method would be to shift your fish from the freezer section to the refrigerated section of the fridge,overnight. Another method could be to fill a bowl with hot water, place the fish in a Ziploc or other plastic re-sealable bag, and allow to sit in the water until the filet has some elasticity.  From there, it’s a snap to prep your favorite fish dish like brown sugar-glazed salmon!


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