About us

Hi! I am Ashish, an ardent seafood lover and have travelled across the world and understand the nuances of good sea food.

Living in Delhi NCR - getting food seafood was always a struggle - with unhygienic conditions in which the produce was handled and uncertainty about the freshness of the produce.

When a childhood friend in Chennai set up his state of the art,processing unit in Chennai & The Andamans - for individually quick frozen seafood,and gave me a tour to his facility - I was highly impressed and convinced about the product. I started sourcing directly from him for my personal consumption and a few of my friends. Over time more and more friends started asking me to carry seafood for them as well.

My friend in Chennai gave me a proposal to set up a small venture bringing produce exclusively from Oyster Reef to connoisseurs of seafood in North India. Having seen the facility myself and having consumed the produce for well over 2 years - this seemed like a good opportunity. Thus was born O-Fish - a company committed to provide top of the line frozen seafood at a fair price - packaged in easy to use retail packs.

Being a hotel management graduate and having worked in the food industry - I understand the product and knew that it was the best choice among all the available options in the market.

The product you get - is at par - or above - what is presently available in the market. The aim is to make quality seafood to a community of people who understand good seafood. People can order the fish of their choice- throughout the year - from the comforts of their homes.


Ashish Kumar
Fishy Fellow